Caffeine is present in over sixty plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao pods and kola nuts. Around 90% of individuals use caffeine in one form or another. Caffeine is added to food and drink items as well as to certain medications to relieve drowsiness or enhance the effects of pain killers.


Caffeine is an alkaloid found in coffee, tea, and kola nuts. It is the chief stimulant in beverages such as coffee and tea. Caffeine is a multifunctional active ingredient that presents interesting possibilities for the formulation of personal care products and cosmeceuticals.

Caffeine is being used more, and more, in the cosmetics, and personal care, industry due to its definite impact on fluids and the way that they are stored. Well known for its ability to increase microcirculation, and reduce puffiness, it is recognized as one of the best actives for dark circles and puffiness.

Because of the circulation enhancement it is also well known for its ability to reduce water retention in the tissues resulting in a slenderizing effect. Noticeable slimming effects were noted for the lower and upper thighs as well as the hips.

Important note: There are many people who are sensitive to the stimulating effects of caffeine. The same effect that one might get from the consumption of caffeine, one will get from the topical use of caffeine. Caffeine should not be used by anyone who is sensitive to those stimulating effects. Use with caution until you know how you will respond to its effects.